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Optical Transmission    

ASCC Terrestrial transmission and Fiber Network (June 2009)
Supply and install DWDM transmission Network & Supply and install 1000 Km Fiber Cables with associated civil works.
HRIU/HRISLU (June 2007)
Replacement of Transmission of HRIU.
Quena and Aswan Transmission Network Expansion (June 2006)
Design, Supply, installation and testing of SDH transmission equipment for Central Exchanges in Quena &Aswan and its associated mother villages network.
Aswan MV Transmission Network Project (December 2003)
Design, Supply, installation and testing of 22 SDH nodes for Central Exchanges in Aswan and associated mother villages network.
EgyptNetII - JNA –Service Level Agreement ( September 2003 )
Technical Support for Egypt II network, SDH for HRAIU & HRISLU, in addition to Repair and Return service for existing pairs.
Reallocation of 8 HRAIU Cabinets (June 2003)
Reallocation of 6 HRAIU cabinets from Remaya to Marioteya region.
Quena MV Transmission Network upscope (May 2003)
Design, Supply, installation and testing of 12 SDH node for Quena Mother Villages
Supply of Aswan Mother Villages Transmission Spares (May 2003)
Supply of SDH transmission packs for Aswan Mother Villages.
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