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About TeleTech     

Telecom and Technology Company "TeleTech" is a national leading company in the field of telecommunication established in December 2002 under the Egyptian law No. 159/1981 as a joint stock company (S.A.E.) with authorized capital of 100 million Egyptian Pounds.

TeleTech is operational in several countries in the region; Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Iraq and planning to open a branch office in Saudi Arabia.

TeleTech has supplied and installed 136K CDMA Lines, 100K switching lines, transmission and fiber optics land line networks in Cairo, Alexandria, Delta and Upper Egypt. TeleTech also supplied and installed the hardware and software of telecommunication management centers.

TeleTech lead the consortium who was granted in November 11th 2006 a license to build a submarine cable from Europe to Saudi Arabia passing by Egypt.

TeleTech jointly with SR Telecom has implemented the first commercial WiMAX network in Egypt to be operated by TEdata in Luxor.

TeleTech beginning 2008 established a subsidiary specialized in software development for Telecommunications products - TeleTech Soft - to serve the local and international market. TeleTech Soft is partnering with international telecommunication manufacturing companies for software development outsourcing and knowledge transfer. The new subsidiary objectives are mainly:
  • Promote exports and support marketing initiatives.
  • Maximize the local value-added component.
  • Promoting effective global and multilateral development approaches to key
    development areas facing developing countries.
  • Helping the Egyptian community by increasing their human resources skills and thus
    preparing a healthy mature entrepreneurial environment.
  • Development of a cadre of nationally & internationally certified software developers
    as a result of this knowledge transfer program
  • Export software to the Middle East and Africa and other regions
  • Support Egypt government goals of making Egypt the hub for the Middle East and
    Africa for software development for the telecommunications sector.
  • Promote research on telecommunications.

Soft is targeted to reach 150 employees in 2 years to perform software developments, testing, and embedded software. The subsidiary location is currently collocated in TeleTech’s office in Mokattam and expected to move to the Smart Village in 2009.

TeleTech Soft benefits from the high telecommunications expertise, product portfolio and technical labs of the mother company in relevant operation and testing.

Soft is supported by strong management team, highly qualified project managers and skilled development engineers.

TeleTech is specialized in providing technological solutions, project management, technical support, maintenance, consultation, financial & technical studies, training, supply and implementation of projects on turnkey basis, inside and outside Egypt.

TeleTech is specialized in providing consultation services; building business plans, financial and technical studies; analyzing customer existing telecom networks; utilizing the right-of-way to build and operate transmission and data networks, review business structure, strategies, workflow and process; and give technical and financial recommendations and corrective measures to increase efficiency, improve revenue management, and maximize organizational profit.

TeleTech provides solutions for fixed, cellular and mobile radio transmission; private networks; emergency services; defense and utility networks.

In the Data field TeleTech, provides solutions for network technology (ATM, IP/MPLS) and services to enable public network operators, internet service providers, large corporations, government departments and agencies, utilities and educational institutions to evolve from narrowband networks to next-generation broadband networks.
TeleTech provides solutions and systems for advanced value-added services for all types of networks, including telephony and computer networks.

TeleTech develops solutions for broadcast, satellite, and enterprise markets to link customers' networks across a broad variety of media. This includes solutions for video on demand (VOD), near video on demand (NVOD), video streaming and IP TV.

Moreover, TeleTech is active in the field of designing, planning, implementing and project managing air navigation systems and associated services, training air traffic controllers, system engineers and technicians. Providing support services including quality assurance, revenue assurance, auditing, flight inspection and equipment maintenance.

TeleTeh along with Mobile System International Consultancy Ltd, (MSI) provides network audits, vendor selection, vendor, evaluation, project management, network design and roll out, as well as end to end network optimization.

TeleTech has the expertise to perform site survey, site acquisition and site preparation for mobile operators

The company's staff includes a large number of engineers, telecommunication specialists, commercial and marketing experts. TeleTech staff has worked in various USAID Projects, in addition to several projects with Telecom Egypt, EgyNet, and others.

Provide customers with the world’s most innovative communications systems, products, technologies and customer support.
Powered by excellent people and technology, we will strive to be a customer-driven, high-performance company that delivers superior and sustained shareholder value.

TeleTech’s innovative capability positively influences the behavior of key stakeholders.

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